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  • metal boxGet rid of junk mail as soon as you bring it in the house.
  • If you buy a new item of clothing, donate one you don't wear.
  • Once you've read a magazine, pass it on to someone else.
  • Store cloth grocery bags in your car so they are handy when you need them.
  • Use "color-coding" for your kids gear. Pick a signature shade per child.
  • Designate a "drop zone" for all immediate needed items such as car keys, cell phones.
  • Files can be as easy as the number (4) To Do. To Pay. To File. and Pending.
  • Use hooks simple bathrobe hooks in your mudroom entry area you will see then can easily transition from coats and hats in the winter to beach/pool supplies in the summer.
  • Put an entire set of linens for a bed inside one pillow case in the linen closet.
  • Store Kitchen items such as large platters, large pots, used once a year in an out of kitchen location such as basement or storage closet.
  • Break down laundry into manageable chunks such as Sat. for sheets, Mon. for towels etc.
  • Create a household 3 ring binder notebook and insert tabs such as phone numbers, restaurant menus, school calenders/schedules and note book paper or post-it notes.
  • Stash out of season clothing in clear under the bed storage totes.
  • Always use the appropriate size of trash can for the room such as a smaller decorative one for a bathroom or office and large to medium size for kitchen or laundry room.
  • Storage for toilet paper in a hall bath that has no cabinets can be as decorative as a CD rack in the corner.
  • Keep hand sanitizer and disposable wipes in your car to use when you grab a bite on the go.
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