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Originally, I hired AAA Organizing to help me clean out my office and make it a more usable work space. Gay did a great job of that -- she really helped me and pushed me to get rid of clutter I didn't need and also made wonderful suggestions (like specially designed shelves for my office closet) that helped me get and stay organized. Now my office is a joy to walk into and work in, not the space that was so disorganized I avoided going into to. I so much valued Gay's help that she was my first call when I needed help with a new project. With Gay's help, I've turned our little-used formal living room into a delightful and efficient workout space. Now, it's a wonderful space for my workout and it looks much less cluttered and user-friendly than the old space that I had. If you need help with any kind of organizing or redecorating project, you should call Gay. She will help you get it done right and she's so nice and pleasant you will have fun doing it!


Michelle Hunt
A very satisfied customer!, Durham, NC

Gay came to my home and helped me for the first time last week - we conquered my 8 year old daughter's room! This is something I have never been able to get through by myself. Everything has a home, I no longer feel like I have the mess hanging over my head and my daughter is so proud of how good her room looks! I have not had to ask her to put anything away since Gay's visit as she does it on her own initiative. I am looking forward to having Gay come again and help with other areas of my home.


Pam Maher
Raleigh, NC

Gay has helped me tremendously in getting my home unpacked and organized since relocating here from another state. I was extremely uncertain of what to do, but Gay knew exactly where to start. With in a short period of time the home was settled and a burden was lifted and everything felt so much better. Gay always has a solution and is never discouraged. She is creative, skillful, energetic and reliable she works quickly and efficient. I am on her maintenance program and very much look forward to being able to count on her to keep me organized.


C. R.
Chapel Hill, NC

If you are looking for a lady with phenomenal organizing ideas and techniques, you need not look any further. Gay has been a lifesaver for me. My house was a horrible mess, but with Gay's help my kitchen is now organized and all of my closets have additional shelves for which I definitely needed. Gay and I continue to work together as i am on her maintenance program, I am a school teacher and Gay has helped me to organize all of my materials into sections and has helped me find homes for all of my supplies. You will not go wrong with Gay Sparano and AAA Organizing.


Phyllis A.
Cary, NC

I worked with Gay to clean-up and organize a children's playroom I liked that she gave me a complimentary consultation and then told me exactly what she would do in the block of time and what to do before the session so that we could maximize our productivity. I was very satisfied and highly recommend AAA Organizing and Gay Sparano.


Beverly D.
Raleigh, NC

I thought the experience was quite good. Gay listened to my concerns, offered suggestions and advice that worked well for my game plan of reorganizing and straightening up before my daughter arrived. The days we worked together were highly productive and we accomplished everything I set out to do. I enjoyed both her company and professionalism. I highly recommend her services. I will note that Gay was especially helpful in getting me jump started. I had identified so many small projects to reorganize that I didn't know where to start. With your suggestions, help and advice I was able to prioritize and execute.


Wendy A.
Senior Project Manager, Raleigh, NC

I hired AAA Organizing to help me set up a filing system after feeling overwhelmed by many years of accumulated paperwork. She came up with a system that made more sense and was more accessible to me then what I was "kind-of" doing. We worked together sorting and labeling files and assigning them drawers. The system that is in place will be easy to maintain. I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders and I am energized to continue the project.


Marian M.
Raleigh, NC

I am very happy to recommend AAA Organizing and Gay Sparano as a wonderful company to work with. She is very efficient in getting any task accomplished and the most pleasant person to work with. She does not waste a minute and always has a plan in place to make a space more organized and easier to live in. She has helped my family so much that I asked her to help me get organized to move cross country. Moving became a manageable task because she made it a smooth and efficient experience. She then joined us at our new location in another state and helped to make our move in date to our new residence enjoyable. I highly recommend AAA Organizing and Gay Sparano.


Susan A.
Chapel Hill, NC

I have been a client of AAA Organizing since late 2007. As a busy executive with a hectic travel schedule and a single parent of two teenage boys I found Gay to be a lifesaver. I moved from out-of-state into a new home and found myself with more needs then time. With requirements ranging from simple to complex, small to large and with the holiday season looming I was concerned about how I would get it all done to my liking. Upon first meeting Gay I was impressed. She conducted herself professionally going as far as providing a contract for her services. We reviewed the many tasks i had scheduled and she assisted me in prioritizing those that were most important and critical to my professional success, down to those things that could wait for a later time. The following is a sample of the items that Gay accomplished for me; * Home office - unpack and organize * Children's room - unpack and organize * Master bedroom - unpack and organize including shelf adjustments in very large walk-in closets, and seasonal coordination of professional and casual wardrobe. * Basement - unpack and organization of full finished basement, including guest bedroom * Books and collectibles unpack and organization of large library of books, photos and collectibles * Interior painting - referral and supervision of painters * Electrical installation - referral and supervision of lighting installation * Artwork/draperies - referral and supervision of artwork and drapery installation * Deck painting - referral of painters for painting of four exterior decks. I highly recommend the services of AAA organizing without hesitation. Gay is professional, dependable and creative!


Tracy D.
Cary, NC

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