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Everyone has their own style, their own eclectic array of possessions, and while off-the-shelf organizing solutions work great for affordable mass production, they don’t always work quite so well for the unique humans they’re meant to serve.

The types of organizing services we provide are limited only by your needs and budget. Some projects we have managed for clients include:


Home office –
Create more efficient workflow that saves time and makes paperwork easier.

Entryway/Foyer –
Streamline and de-clutter the main family entryway so its easier to get everyone in and out with less stress. Be sure to inquire about "Drop Zones".

Garage/Attic/Basement –
Create storage systems that fit the types of items you store long-term, seasonally, and for shorter-term needs.

Closets –
Design closet storage systems to make wardrobe assembly easier in the morning; help sort through and consign/donate old items -- we have strong relationships with local consignment retailers, and a successful track record for generating revenue for many of our clients.

Kitchen –
Organize cookware, bakeware and pantry storage to make cooking easier and reduce food waste and over-shopping.

Kids’ Rooms –
Create organizing systems and homework stations that children can maintain more easily, and that help them be more productive even as it trains them in organized habits.

Moving –
Organizing, sorting, packing and overseeing the steps it takes to create a smooth transition regardless if the move is local or long distance. Working with your chosen moving/relocation company to help make the transition more efficient and productive.

Tag/Yard Sales- AAA organizing specializes in helping you to successfully complete a yard/tag sale of possessions you no longer need. Weather it be a move or just an annual clean and purge to create more space.


Hourly and project rates are available for the most common organizing needs -

  • Designing your organizing system solution
    (If you purchase a closet or garage storage system through AAA Organizing, our design fee is waived.)

  • Organizing your paperwork and desk

  • Organizing your possessions
    (e.g., clothing, books, storage systems, cookware, attics/garages/basements)

  • Consigning your clothing:
    if you have a large volume of clothes to be consigned, please ask us about this process.

Please call (919)422-8589 for a complimentary consultation and estimate.

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