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letter trayYou may have purchased organizing tools before, and tried to implement systems on your own, only to discover that life has a way of turning our plans into piles, clutter, junk closets and a huge array of "stuff" that magically appears. That's why we created our maintenance plans.


For those who have completed an organizing project with AAA Organizing, you may want to consider consider some level of ongoing help.

  • Those who want the most hands-off level of involvement in staying organized,

  • A weekly, bi-weekly or monthly organizing maintenance service. We visit your home at a pre-arranged time, for a pre-determined amount of time, and restore the areas you’ve designated to their optimal de-cluttered condition.

  • Or, choose to have a once or twice yearly overhaul to prevent the inevitable “creep” of papers and knick knacks from taking over again…

  • Or we can work with you to set up a program for any interval in between to meet your individual needs.


Hourly and project rates are available for the most common organizing needs -

  • Designing your organizing system solution

  • Organizing your paperwork and desk

  • Organizing your possessions
    (e.g., clothing, books, storage systems, cookware, attics/garages/basements)

Please call (919)422-8589 for a complimentary consultation and estimate today.

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