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Gay Sparano and AAA Organizing:

your answer to “clutter” emergencies…

Owner and primary consultant at AAA Organizing is Gay Sparano. Gay is a quiet dynamo who deftly leads clients from clutter and distractions to smooth-flowing life and work spaces. This is a second career for Gay; her first career was a perfect training ground for what was to come: she was a full-time flight attendant for many years. As you can imagine, having “everything in its place” was essential in the tight confines of any type of aircraft. Add a love of people, masterful customer service, wrapped in a calm yet energetic disposition and you’ve got a formula for success.


After relocating from Indiana to North Carolina, Gay chose to leave her airline career to stay home and raise three children. After the sudden passing of her Mother she found herself helping her Father sort through 50 years of “Stuff” or as she likes to reference “Memories”. In the process she discovered a hidden passion for organizing. She loved the breath of fresh air that it gave people, and loved watching them become more energized, happier and able to get on with their bigger goals and ideas. She quickly found herself helping other family members and friends, and from there it wasn’t long before AAA Organizing was formed.


Driven by customer needs, Gay has been able to provide value beyond organizing items in the home and home office, partnering with her husband Tom Sparano, an experienced builder, to provide clients with full access to storage and interior design/re-design and even minor construction services including closet and garage builds, painting, plumbing and electrical work.


AAA Organizing is truly your one-stop resource for reclaiming your home!


Based in Chapel Hill, AAA Organizing serves the Triangle Area of North Carolina including: Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, and Morrisville. If you need to hire an organizer in the Triangle Area contact us.




Standing true to the NAPO Code of Ethics:

NAPO Code of Ethics
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This Code of Ethics is a set of principles to provide guidelines in our professional conduct with our clients, colleagues, and community. As a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, I pledge to exercise judgment, self-restraint, and conscience in my conduct in order to establish and maintain public confidence in the integrity of NAPO members and to preserve and encourage fair and equitable practices among all who are engaged in the profession of organizing.



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